It was April and it still felt like Winter in Utah Valley where I live. In desperation, I jumped in my truck and drove down to the San Rafael Swell west of Green River Utah in hopes of finding Spring. I didn’t find it.

I parked my truck on the east end of Black Dragon Canyon and proceeded to climb up the face of the San Rafael uplift, on the north side of the canyon. After I climbed for almost an hour, I could see that my path wasn’t really going to take me any place interesting. So I sat down next to a sheltered rock and just… decompressed. It was cold, mostly overcast and very windy. It was nice.

There is just something nice about just being in nature.

After my bones were frozen enough, I headed back to the truck. I then spent some time driving west up Black Dragon Canyon and taking pictures of the Indian pictographs and petroglyphs there.

I then headed for home, only mildly disappointed.

The weatherman was promising warmer weather ‘soon’.