The battle with colon cancer continues and I now believe I am getting the upper hand.

I attribute most of the progress to the Joe Tippens protocol and very little to the chemotherapy. One of the Fenbendazole blogs on FaceBook mentioned that while using the protocol to fight colon cancer, they literally pooped out their colon tumor(s). For a couple of days, that is exactly what happened to me. At least I am sure my obstructed colon is no longer a problem. (It has been a long time since I have pooped this much every day!)

I’m feeling a little better every day and my appetite is returning. (Okay, I have added chicken and a little cheese to my diet. There is now something to eat again!)

One day, my wife had contact with an old friend of hers. In the course of their conversation, my colon cancer was mentioned. The friend insisted that my wife and I visit with another of her friends that lives in nearby Highland and has become known as “The Cancer Lady”. Arrangements were made and one afternoon we drove up to meet her.

This lady has had cancer three different times in her life and has beaten it back each time naturally and without doctors. (She did have chemotherapy once so she knows how bad that can be.) She told us that she can’t suggest anything but she can tell us what she did to combat her cancers.

The first thing she did was to stop eating anything with sugar in it since cancer tumors feed off sugar. (I’m already doing that so check that off the list.)

The second thing she did was to drink Pau D’arco tea three times a day.

That’s it.

She explained that Pau D’arco was a herb that their native American cook brought them when the family lived in Mexico. The herb was the inner bark of a tree and was used for different health issues including cancer.

The interesting thing is, my wife already had some in her stock of herbs.

The last thing our Cancer Lady friend said as we were leaving was “Cancer is no big deal. I drink my tea and I don’t worry about it.”

After considering everything I’ve learned about cancer, I’ve decided to forgo all other medical treatments and just drink the tea along with the Joe Tippens protocol. And the best part is that the tea actually tastes pretty good!