As soon as I was diagnosed with colon cancer, I started searching for “alternative” treatments and cures on the web. While I was accepting the standard medical methods for treating cancer, this was my one life and I was going to throw EVERYTHING I could at my cancer.

Initially, I decided to embrace the suggestions for a change in diet. I stopped eating anything with sugar, meat or any animal product. Any processed foods were avoided in favor of natural fruit and vegetables with a heavy emphasis on green leafy vegetables. I also invested in a juicing machine and began drinking a lot of carrot juice. (Though mostly carrots, this drink also included apple, ginger, cucumber, lemon and celery.)

It soon became apparent that I was no longer going to die of cancer. I was going to die of starvation!

For months I had been losing a lot of weight. I had gone from 190 lbs to 138. Yep, I was dying.

My web searching also discovered the Joe Tippens protocol. This involved Turmeric/curcumin, CBD oil and Fenbendazole. The Fenbendazole was suggested to take for three days and then go for four days without so I only took it on days when I was not on chemo. I was impressed that so many people were reporting success with this protocol. I was also surprised at how many different kinds of cancer there were.

And what is a more common name for Fenbendazole? Answer: Dog dewormer!


There were other ideas along the way such as Turkey Tail Mushrooms to combat the effects of chemo, Milk Thistle herbs and garlic.

One day, my wife and I were watching a web presentation about fighting cancer. The presenter was pressing for a diet of green leafy vegetables and fruit. He mentioned that he liked buying frozen fruits in large 5 lb bags at Costco. My wife and I agreed that we should do that. The presenter also mentioned that he ate three large bowls of green salad every day. I wondered how he managed that without huge amounts of forbidden salad dressing, which is the only way I know to gag down green salads.

Later that afternoon, my wife asked from across the room “When do you want to get buried?”


“What?” I asked.

“When do you want to get buried?”

A lot of answers came to mind but I finally stood up and walked across the room to find out face to face what she was planning.

“What?” I asked again.

In a very clear and annoyed voice she asked “When do you want to get BERRIES? You know. At Costco”.