It was August and recent rainstorms had made everything vernal and vibrant. I probably could have spent the day just taking pictures in my backyard garden.

Instead, I picked up David in my Ford Explorer and headed for Moab in hopes that it would be somewhat cooler than normal after the rains. It really wasn’t.

Actually, we rolled into Moab and then back out the southern end again. We were headed for the Behind the Rocks/Pritchett Canyon dirt roads. This would give us access to the area south of Moab.

The first stop was at Prostitute Rock for pictures of Picture Frame Arch and Balcony Arch.

Picture Frame Arch
Balcony Arch

Then the road got rockier as we headed for the mouth of Pritchett Canyon to the northwest. Here we could visit three nice sized arches just around the corner from Pritchett Canyon.

Cummings Arch
Pritchett Arch
Wigwam Arch

We then drove around the corner to the top of Pritchett Canyon where we had to park. There is a jeep trail down the canyon but it is only for the extreme tricked-out jeep rigs. Even walking down the first part of the canyon was tricky. A short hike down the first slope allowed us to take pictures of Window Arch in the cliffs to our right.

Window Arch

If we would have been more ambitious, we could have hiked to the bottom of the steep hill, cross the canyon and find the sandstone fin that hid Hall Bridge. Instead, we headed for home.

Experimenting with infrared photography