Back to the north east rim of the San Rafael Swell area for David and I, for a hike up Tower Canyon to Arch Tower Arch. Along the way we past a sandstone slab with small critter footprints laid down a few millennia ago. Interesting.

There were several pools of water in the canyon so it wasn’t surprising to also run across several Red Spotted Toads (Bufo punctatus).

Along the way we passed Weevil Arch which is a small Class D Arch.

We finally made it to The Tower which has a natural arch on the north side.

Needless to say, it was a perfect day for a hike in the canyons.

Because it was so pleasant, we didn’t really want to hurry along too fast.

We then hiked over the top to the next canyon to the south so that we could return down the canyon that includes Ednah Natural Bridge.

However, David and I didn’t make the complete loop before the sun went down. 
This time we each had small flash lights which allowed us to finish the loop without too many problems. (It is amazing how many obstacles you don’t remember from previous hikes when it is dark.) The experience was rather enjoyable though. Hiking at night lets you experience a different kind of peaceful character of a location.  

When we exited the canyon and headed cross country back to the parking area, it was difficult to know where the vehicle was exactly until I activated the remote car alarm. Nothing destroys the peace and tranquility of the night like a SUV alarm going off right in front of you with horn and flashing lights! But at least, we were able to locate the Explorer without any problems.