It was finally Spring in Utah. Time to get our Winter weary backsides back into the desert country of southern Utah. David and I decided to drive down to Capital Reef National Park and finally hike the popular Hickman Natural Bridge trail. This hike was only about 3/4 of a mile though mostly uphill on the way there. This seemed like an excellent training hike to prepare us for much longer hikes as the year progressed.

When we got to Fruita, Utah we first stopped at the historic Gifford Homestead for a few pictures.

Then on to the nearby trailhead and up the well worn trail.

Just before you get to Hickman Natural Bridge, there is a smaller set of Class C natural bridges in the wash drainage called Niles Johnson Bridges.

We then finished the hike to the large Class B bridge called Hickman Natural Bridge.

By the time we returned to the parking lot, we were dead tired. (Curse you Winter Inactivity!) However, we did have time to bump around the area just taking pictures and enjoying the sun.

The Fremont River.

The view from Sunset Point.

Then home again to recover.