David and I attempt to hike to a natural arch in Capital Reef’s Spring Canyon. The trailhead begins near Chimney Rock just off the main part road.

We take the wrong left turn and find ourselves in a dead end canyon. By the time we get to the correct canyon, we can tell that we aren’t going to make it so we head back.

On the way out, we pass a boy scout troop. Some of them are carrying homemade packs that are obviously too heavy. Wherever they were heading, they weren’t going to make it either.

The round trip was 9.3 miles and we found out later we were one mile short of the arch.

Much too long of a hike after a long winter! We need to rethink this and start with some shorter ‘training hikes’.

We spend the last part of the daylight hours exploring nearby Teasdale, Utah with the unique Cultural Center building.

We will be back in this area to try again when we are younger and stronger.