I decided I wanted to visit the magnificent Indian petroglyphs in Horseshoe Canyon again so on Saturday, David and I loaded up my Ford Explorer and headed south. We turned off the highway north of Hanksville Utah and drove the dirt road east to the trailhead for Horseshoe Canyon which is part of Canyonlands National Park. We then began the hike down an old road dugway into the bottom of the canyon.

Horseshoe Canyon

Part of the way down the dugway, there is a nice dinosaur footprint in the sandstone.

Dinosaur Track

Once in the bottom of the canyon, we began hiking south up the canyon which allowed us to visit a number of Indian petroglyph and pictograph panels along the way.



It is several miles to the main panel sometimes called The Great Panel (or even The Holy Ghost panel). Here a very quiet or spiritual feeling seems to prevail.

This is one of those “magical” places.





I would have liked to have explored further up canyon but my legs were telling me that I was almost through for the day. We headed back and really struggled to get up the dugway where we reached the vehicle about dusk.

That made for a very nice day trip.