On Saturday September 6th, I drove my son’s Jeep Cherokee down to The Poison Strip area (just north of Arches National Park near Moab Utah) along with my son Cory and my brother David. It was still summer and hot but sometimes you just need to get out anyway.

Poison Strip Uranium Mines

Poison Strip Grave

After taking a few pictures around the old uranium mines in The Poison Strip, we drove east and then south almost to the end of the road on Winter Camp Ridge. We then parked and hiked just over a mile to the northwest, to the cliffs overlooking Lost Springs Canyon. Here we could look down on Covert Arch just below us and enjoy a grand view of the canyon.

Covert Arch Lost Springs Canyon

On our hike back to the Cherokee, my son got a phone call on his iPhone, from my wife who didn’t know that Cory had gone with us for the day. We were surprised that he could receive a phone call out in the hills like that and I immediately resolved to never take an iPod with us on a trip where part of the purpose is to get away from it all. That was a bit disturbing.

Cory At Lost Springs Canyon

After getting back to the vehicle, we then drove back to the main road and continued southeast a short distance so we could also visit and take pictures of La Boca Arch.

La Boca Arch

By then the day was getting long so we headed for home again. (We had gotten a late start and burned a lot of the day just enjoying the scenery.)