On July 19th, I took a solo road trip down to the Canyonlands National Park “Island In The Sky” area as well as Arches National Park, both near Moab.

Sevenmile Canyon

The first day I drove up to the Island In The Sky area of Canyonlands National Park, passing Skywalk Arch on the way.

Skywalk Arch

Mostly I just took pictures from the cliff tops and dodged small rain showers all day.

Island In The Sky Pinnacles

Candlestick Tower

The only hiking I did was a short hike up to Aztec Butte to visit the alcove arch and Indian ruins.

Aztec Butte Arch

There was a chance of rain most of the day so it was hard to really plan much. However, the storm clouds do lend interest to pictures.

Island In The Sky Storm Clouds

I was able to create a great panorama of the view from Grandview Point which now hangs in my office pod at work. (Now I can go there several times each work day!)

Island InT he Sky Panorma

The next day I bounced around Arches National Park, taking all of the regular tourist pictures with my new camera.

Parade Of Elephants Arch

Double Arch

Pothole Arch

Landscape Arch

Most importantly, I took pictures of Wall Arch near Landscape Arch in the Devil’s Garden area of Arches National Park.

Wall Arch

(A couple of weeks later, Wall Arch collapsed.)

On the way home, I also stopped by Thompson Springs to photograph the Indian petroglyphs in Thompson Canyon.

Thompson Springs

Thompson Canyon Petroglyphs

I also drove out to see the carbonate geyser called Crystal Geyser south of Green River Utah, on the banks of the Green River.

Crystal Geyser

Crystal Geyser

Crystal Geyser

Crystal Geyser

When near Green River, I also drove up the Green River canyon north of town to the end of the road near Nefertiti Rock. There were some Indian petroglyphs along the river that I also wanted to get pictures of.

Stone Cabin

Price & Green River Petroglyphs

Green River Petroglyphs

Nefertiti Rock

It was a nice weekend even though it was mostly just driving. I just needed to decompress a little and a road trip was a perfect way to do that.