After crashing my drone into the cliffs, I imagined that it would cost me $500 to $800 to have the DJI company put it back together again. However, I found a gentleman living in Tooele Utah that had the correct parts and put it back in flying condition for only $300. He even installed new blades!

While my drone tests seemed good, there was only one way to find out if it was fully functional. I picked a day when the weather looked clear and headed south for Hanksville Utah. Once in Hanksville, I continued south towards Lake Powell until I passed Hog Springs Canyon. There I stopped and set up for flying my drone over a small side canyon just to the south of Hog Canyon called Hogswort Canyon.

Not only was I able to verify that my drone was back in perfect flying condition again, but I was also able to get a few pictures of a natural bridge hidden in the canyon. (The only way to visit the bridge would require canyoneering with ropes.)

Hogswort Canyon Bridge

I then backtracked to the road heading to the Bullfrog Marina on Lake Powell and Ticaboo Utah. I then took one of the first dirt roads on the left side of the road that headed south to Trachyte Point. I was hoping to find interesting overlooks and another place to fly my drone but it just turned out to be mostly just a long ride in the sagebrush.

Still, I was pleased to have my DJI Mavic Pro drone working again. I headed home happy.